Best Thread Count Bed sheets Sets

Thread Count in Bed sheets

If you want to have a bed sheet that is extremely soft then go for the one that has higher number of thread count in bed-sheets. Thread count refers to the number of threads sewn together per square inch of a sheet. These threads are designed in horizontal and vertical directions. The horizontal threads are called weft and the one that are vertically are called wrap. Generally, a simple bed sheet may have 150 thread counts.

Such best bed sheets are used for children’s bed. In the luxurious bed sheets thread count may range up to 1000 or more. Those bed sheets are quite expensive. The bed sheets with higher number of thread counts are usually long lasting and give a velvety feeling. If you want to check the quality of a bed sheet then hold it up in front of a bright light. If light passes through it then it may have lower number of thread counts.

How To Check Bed Sheet Thread Count?

The best thread count in bed sheets differ from one bed sheet to another according to the quality of fabric material. You should choose the one which might suit you for sleeping. There are some manufacturers who are synthesizing high thread count bed sheets with low quality stuff. This act leads to the final product that is in real unpleasant and has no soft feeling.

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The best bed sheets can be identified if they have thread count higher than 200 and made with fine quality. Such bed sheets are manufactured by passing through an organized procedure. While buying a best bed sheets for your use; then along with the thread count, other factors also count for the best quality. However, number of thread count in bed sheets is taken as an indicator to check up the quality.

The next time you plan to buy a new bed sheet then keep in mind that not always higher number of thread count might mean the higher quality. As, some manufacturers use 3 (three) ply. This means that three thinner threads are twisted together. This process results in lower quality bed sheets.