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MIDIMASS is a MIDI software archive on which you can download programs emulating MIDI keyboard on usual PC keyboard, software for producing MIDI drums, and other MIDI utilities and tools. There's also a collection of MIDI music, that you can download for free.

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We accept to the site only music creation multimedia software, sound converters, editors, and audio and MIDI tools. To add commercial software description to the site you must have a vendor account on Regnow company. If you don't have this account you can get it for $19,95US. Register Now

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What is PAD submission?

PAD (Portable Application Description) is a standard of passing program information that make easier the registration of programs for the authors, but it also should enable the archive administrators to update the programs automatically.
In order to use the advantages of PAD, you must produce a PAD file (.xml) for each of your programs. For producing your PAD files in a simple way, you may use this free tool for best results: PADGen. Then, you can register your programs only with the information of the URL of the PAD file and the wished category in the archive.
By using the PAD files, you save time by having to create a description of your software packages only once. This description can then be uploaded quickly to all sites that support PAD submission. Webmasters can process these PAD files and extract the data appropriate for their site. They can keep the contents of their site current by polling PAD files on the web sites of the authors of the software they list.

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