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Software Midi Keyboard v1.8

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Software Midi Keyboard it's great midi piano compatible with all sequencers, soundcards, and software synths, for Windows95/98/ME/XP. You can play on your computer keyboard and mouse, as on midi keyboard. Program compatible with automated user-defined chords. Program has two midi output device, that allow you to record music in external midi sequencer/softsynth and to hear her in your desktop speakers, simultaneously! In the program built-in wave drum machine. Choose from more 100 Gm midi musical instruments. You can to save adjustments, and quickly to choose them through the menu. New, completely altered algorithm of natural sounding "Concert", will allow you to use new intellectual polyphony! It's incredible, the sound will not break, and there will be no resonance in a sound!

Software Midi Keyboard v1.8

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[Beatbox MIDI Drum Sequencer v2.8] 5 Stars
Beatbox is an essentially new version of a drum sequencer from the Midimass Sound Laboratory experts. The program completely meets requirements of musicians as well as sound engeneers dealing with MIDI.

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[Software Midi Keyboard v1.8] 5 Stars
Midi piano compatible with all sequencers and software synths. Two midi output device and great user interface, concert sound mode.

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