Best 3D Rendering Software


Hey, guys ! Welcome to midimass. So, we are going to have a very important chat today about 3D rendering software. We all know that the IT industry is growing at a very high pace around the globe. Hence its very important for us to maintain our pace along with it. So how do we do it? How can we, as architects catch up with the rest of the world? The answer to this is very easy – Become one with the technology.
The world of architecture is blessed with the technology of 3D rendering software. Hence it’s our duty to get thorough with them. Now, a question arises,” Which is the best 3D rendering software?”. Well, that’s what I am here to talk about. Today I will be telling you about the best 3D rendering software which can be used to give out the best possible results in the shortest possible time –

1) V-RAY
This software is like a trump card, which emerged out of nowhere and swept out every other visual software company off the table. In the past few years V- RAY has managed to rise above all. So what makes it so great? Actually, the software has an ocean of material textures which can be used to produce a realistic effect. I mean, if you wish to create or recreate real life situation with help of colors, texture, light and visual weight, then you have to be a pro in using V-ray.

In my opinion, this is the best software when it comes to 3D rendering. It produces excellent results but you have to pay the price for it. What I mean is, that this software has a major drawback, which is the reason for its downfall. I hear hundreds of people complaining about its speed. Well, they are absolutely right, “Maxwell” is slow, but just keep in your mind ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Maxwell uses a unique programming engine know as “unbiased rendering” which helps it to use real life modeling techniques.

This software is the biggest competitor to V-RAY when it comes to 3D rendering. A lot of people prefer Mental Ray over V- RAY and vice versa. I actually did a thorough research on this fact and this above statement is absolutely right. Although there is a great twist to this answer. It’s not actually about the result or working of these softwares, it’s simply about loyalty or preference for one software over the other. To make it even simpler for you to understand, it’s like pa-te-to pa-ta-toh (almost the same thing). Though I would say Mental Ray is a lot more user-friendly but unfortunately it can’t produce as good results as V-RAY.

4) 3D’s MAX
This is my favorite software and I personally prefer to use it over any other software. In the recent years, a lot of people have shifted towards using V-RAY or Mental Ray, but 3D’s Still holds its par over them. The main reason behind that is its additional functions which none of the other software can perform. 3D’s MAX has model making software which works alongside with an on – board renderer. Also, the compatibility of 3D’s with AutoCad and Revit makes it even better. So if you are an architect and an Autodesk user go for 3D’s.

There is a whole lot more to 3D rendering software , but this is enough for now. With this small piece of information, you would be easily able to select the best 3D rendering software. I hope this information was valuable to you. For more information wait for my next blog. Till then enjoy and have a nice day.